How Pro Plus Pay Works

Pro Plus Pay is the platform for all those who are interested in managing their finances efficiently, fast and securely, using premium digital services in only one place.

The platform team of experts is at your disposal daily, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and offers you professional support for the management of your account. You create this account on our platform and you use our premium services for it. You can access your account from anywhere and also you can have our team’s advice and support. You are connected to your financial situation in any moment and your payments, savings and transfers are just a click away. And everything is possible from one place: from the platform Pro Plus Pay.

You can create an account right now and start saving money by following the advice of our team of experts!


Get in touch with us

If you want to have an account on platform Pro Plus Pay, you need to follow a few simple steps. First, you have to receive our confirmation and then you can create the account. After receiving the confirmation, for any information, our experts are at your disposal offering you the advice for the next steps. You can benefit from all the tools available on the platform and our consultants will give you the advice you need to benefit from them.


Use Pro Plus Pay services

Our priority is to make our services from the platform to be a pleasant, useful and fast activity, whether you are a beginner in financial services or you have a long experience as individual or in business. We are a financial hub through which you can connect all your bank accounts and credit cards to a single ‘dashboard’ of the platform Pro Plus Pay. Everything is possible thanks to digitalization. This is an important first step for you. After this important step everything is connected and you can start to make transfers all over the world, receiving and purchasing and also saving with free tax. You can create an account for each service: savings account, salary account, monthly payment schedule, etc… Thank to the security of our platform, our services give you the facility to relax, acting in the interest of your financial situation.


Earn money easily

You will be able to save more money by paying lower taxes and installments. Pro Plus Pay allows you to transfer and receive funds easily and securely using a single platform, even if you use multiple bank accounts and cards.

Pro Plus Pay offers benefits to its users

Our main goal is to give you full control over your financial services using the services of the platform:

  • Payments can be made fast from anywhere in the world.
  • Any user can transfer money to any other user Pro Plus Pay, free of charge.
  • At minimum fees you can send money all over the world.
  • Schedule your payments to be made automatically, monthly.
  • With minimal fees you can increase your savings account.
  • Purchase any product online from what website you want.
  • You benefit non-stop assistance and support if you are Pro Plus Pay user.

The Pro Plus Pay platform is also very important for business people who manage to achieve maxim profitability by using its financial services. They can pay salaries fast and efficiently and they can make transactions anywhere in the world using a simple click just from the platform.