About Us

Welcome to Pro Plus Pay!

If you need financial independence and security in payments and managing financial services you could choose platform Pro Plus Pay. Our main goal is to help clients with everything they set out to do with their financial plans and the efficiency of their payments and savings.

Pro Plus Pay offers premium financial services for both individuals and business people, regardless of the industry in which they operate. Everyone who becomes a user of our platform is advised by our team of financial experts how to manage financial services as efficiency as possible in order to save as much as possible with minimal effort. Our advisers provide personalized advice to all our users 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Regardless of your financial goal, our experts are available for any financial advice.

Let’s meet our financial experts from Pro Plus Pay platform!


‘I a short time we’ve managed to reach an impressive portfolio of users of the Pro Plus Pay platform. My goal is to bring the name of the platform to the top of globally known hubs. The expansion of the platform has been made possible by our digital financial services that are available to our clients and they can trust the security of the platform and the efficiency of their investment.’

Catherin Fynn

Founder & CEO Pro Plus Pay

Catherin Fynn is the founder and CEO of Pro Plus Pay and she has an extensive experience in tax and finance. She has had a long career as an investment manager at several world-banks and financial institutions. Catherin holds a master’s degree in business management. After 20 years of experience, she decided to set up the platform Pro Plus Pay, a financial platform that offers a lot of free quality time and savings to those who become loyal users and use our services efficiently.

Timothy Kent


Timothy Kent is our CFO with over 10 years experience in financial institutions and banks. He was with team Pro Plus Pay from the very beginning and he participated in improving the services to invest your money more efficiently, based on his experience gained. ‘Our personalized services are premium, services for our clients that have clear objectives and adapted to the constantly moving financial market.’

Rody Tennesy

Financial expert

Rody Tennesy is a financial expert with extensive experience in the field. Prior to joining the company, he worked in the banking industry. His field of activity is the basis of the financial reporting system. Rody holds a master’s degree in financial economics.

Tim Balthy

Customer service coordinator

Tim Balthy is a specialist in financial digitalization. When he joined the team of experts Pro Plus Pay, he was able to provide professional guidance for the acquisition of several financial services the platform offer.